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Where the Rubber Meets the Road

I routinely hear from you guys that sharing my personal battles and how I attempt to cope helps y'all, too. 

Today's thought should really hit home then.

My family has some property in a "hot spot"--a place where the land value is climbing due to expected development. For years we've toyed with what to do with this land.

We finally hit upon an idea and began planning how to go forward. My husband wanted a loan so we'd have the resources to complete this project. 

On paper, everything looks promising. But this is a big loan. If anything goes wrong, anything at all, we'll be burdened with a ridiculous debt. Nothing should go wrong. It's a good plan.

Yet, I don't have peace about it. The Lord has led me to some scriptures that I believe indicate this is a no-go. Rejecting the loan will make things complicated as far as moving this dream forward. Not impossible, perhaps, but the pace will be much slower. And things will be much tighter for us, financially.

And this is where the rubber meets the road. Where faith guides us, not fear. Where I decide if I'm hearing from the Lord and choose to follow him, or waffle and take the fast money. 

I'm following the Lord. No loan. At this time. This is an especially tough decision because my husband, who is not a Believer, left the decision with me. It was my call, he said.

What kept going through my head as I prayed about this situation was the word danger. The Lord gave me Proverbs 27:12. Some translations say evil, as well. Either word is not good.

But the Lord also whispered a few other thoughts to me. "Be patient." "Trust me." "...Great things."

So, I will be still and know that he is God. That he has good planned for me. That he will help me. That I will have peace if I keep my mind on him. 

Are you facing any big, hair-raising decisions? Keep God in the middle of them, and it will all work out. 

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