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Messages in the Sky?

 Well, that eclipse was something. Something less than exciting. Don't get me wrong. Eclipses are cool but there was so much hype around this one. In a way, it reminded me of the way ancient people must have reacted to strange goings-on in the sky. All, oohs and aaaahs and wows.But is there anything going on here that we should be concerned about? Was it just another eclipse, or was there something different about this one?
After some prayerful consideration, this is what I believe. First, I don't believe in coincidences. God said he made the moon and the sun for signs and seasons. The word "signs" in Genesis 1:14 means a signal as a flag, beacon, monument/omen, mark, miracle, sign, or token. The path of totality passed over 2 cities named Nineveh. Statistically, that is mighty improbable. (You'll hear different numbers, but I'm sticking to the path of totality.) It also passed over at least one town named Jonah. Just before the eclipse, we had some rare earthquakes in America. NJ/New York and three in Western North Carolina.
Earthquakes happen. Eclipses happen. But it's the link to Nineveh that I keep stumbling over. There are nearly 20,000 cities in America. The path of totality crossed over two towns named after an ancient, evil empire. Hmmm...
I believe this eclipse was a warning from the Lord. Jonah gave Nineveh 40 days to repent. Scholars wonder why the nation was so quick to respond positively to the prophet. Maybe because Jonah arrived on the shores of Nineveh just after an earthquake and an eclipse. There is some historical evidence to support this. Then, imagine seeing a man vomited out on the shore, bleached totally white, his eyes blood red, who tells you to repent or face judgment. 
Nineveh probably couldn't repent fast enough.I don't think America will respond the same way, sadly. We are only about 7 months out from a contentious presidential election. Evil forces are scurrying into place.I for one will keep on planning and writing and chasing my dreams...but with an eye to sky and an ear tuned for a trumpet. 

What do you think about all this?

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