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Letting Boys Become Men

Recently, my two sons and I started the renovation of a rental property. My husband just hasn't been able to get to it and the property is declining. Well, heck, I can do a few things. And I've got two strapping boys.

Let's do this!

Now, getting my sons to do much of anything has always been a chore. I'm not calling them lazy, but they are easily distracted...especially when there is mowing to be done.

But these past few weeks, I've dragged them off to help me renovate a trailer. And I've watched them blossom. They've brainstormed and problem-solved. They've traded skills. They've recognized each other's gifts and worked accordingly. Leadership has gone back and forth. Cooperation has been the trigger for accomplishment.

It really has been a beautiful thing to behold. Much to my husband's astonishment. He's asked me a few times how I've been getting so much work out of the boys.

Good question, one I've pondered and talked to the Lord about at length. I think the answer is two-fold. One, I have not micro-managed the boys (something my husband tends to do). There are several things in need of renovation in this trailer and I've made suggestions for which ones to tackle but the final decision has been the boys'. And I've left them alone to finish the chosen project.

Two, I've tried to make it clear that mistakes will be made and we will fix them. They've had total freedom to foul up without anyone declaring a catastrophe. Instead, goofs have been cause for laughter. Mostly.

I've watched them blossom under all this freedom. 

Without their dad being around, they've felt confident in stepping up to handle things. Now, I'm not beating up my husband but this has shown us that one of us -- not saying who -- might be a bit of a helicopter parent. 

And I think the difference here is Jesus. I know him. My husband doesn't. I know that I can trust my heavenly Father with my children. My husband struggles to see the divine hand holding them. I know that if I keep my mind stayed upon the Lord, I will have peace about them. My husband hasn't figured that out yet.

My heart goes out to the lost. How they must feel they are twisting in the wind, or drifting about on a rough ocean. I'm grateful every day for my Savior. How about you?

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