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Learning Something New to Fight the Enemy

We're off.

I applied to be an extra in the JCFilms Production of Behind the Hidden Veil of Shame and was accepted! I've never been an extra before, so this should be exciting.

Why am I doing this? Since six of my books have been optioned for a limited TV series, I wanted to be more educated on what making a movie looks like. What's involved. How big a deal is it? What do the moving parts look like?

I'm also doing this (the work as an extra, writing scripts) because I want to help take back the mountain of entertainment in this country. To say Hollywood has lost its way would be an understatement of Biblical proportions.

This thought was really brought home to us when we stopped in Mt. Airy for lunch. For those of you who don't know, this little town is where Andy Griffith grew up. It was also MORE than the inspiration for Mayberry. Mt. Airy IS Mayberry, down to some of the quirky characters Andy grew up with.

The town is still like a step back in time. Back to a culture that was Pro-God and Pro-Gun, and being Pro-Life wasn't even in doubt. If you're ever in North Carolina, stop by Mt. Airy. It's a peaceful place happily frozen in time.

This is a little about the film we'll be working on.

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1 Comment

Susan Nikolaus
Susan Nikolaus
Aug 19, 2022

First, love the earrings! I assume the handsome man with you is your son. Many blessings as you make your movie debut. 💐

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