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The Cowboy’s Baby Bond by Linda Ford Q&A and #BookGiveaway #LadiesInDefiance

Thank you Linda for joining us today and sharing with us some insight into you and your stories!

How was one of your book heroines, “A Lady in Defiance” of the times or circumstances in which she lived?

Willow Reames is the heroine of my April 2016 release, The Cowboy’s Baby Bond. She has learned to be strong, to defy male domination and is determined to never again be dependent on a man. Never mind that women of her era were often seen only as an extension of a man—a father, a husband or a male guardian. She’d been orphaned and left under the guardianship of a less-than sympathetic man and his wife. Her circumstances had worsened when she married her guardian’s son—a cruel man. Things got worse still when she was widowed and alone in a rough mining town but she wasn’t about to let that slow her down.

What real-life “Lady in Defiance” has impacted your life or writing?

There were many but my mother had the most influence. She was an independent thinker. To some degree she followed the ‘norms’ of her time but in other ways, she defied them. She wrote and drew when others about her did more homemaker types of things. We lived in a small town and I’m sure no one quite understood her. She encouraged all of her children to pursue a path that might not be like those the one others took, but which suited us.

Congratulations on releasing 50 books! Wowza!!! What do you think makes for the perfect swoon-worthy moment in a story?

The moments that touch my heart as I write are when the hero and heroine are so close to admitting their feelings that the air fairly sparkles and I can’t wait for them to kiss. But in the meantime, every touch, every word, every glance is full of emotion and longing. If you add a sweet baby or a match-making child, the moment is even more swoon-worthy. Here’s a sample from The Cowboy’s Baby Bond.

Willow’s hair trickled across Johnny’s cheek, sending a thousand wishes and regrets racing through his veins. He took a slow, deep breath. He would never forget the smell of a warm baby fresh from his sleep, nor the sunny, sage smell of the baby’s mother.

I know your love of children (with 14 of your own!) and see that many of your books include kids and “ready-made” families in them. What extra component do you think kids bring to a story that otherwise wouldn’t be there?

The first thing children bring to the story is lots of events. In fact, they can easily steal the show. But on the other hand, is there anything that reveals the character of a hero and heroine more clearly than how they deal with upset children and how they show love and kindness to them? There are always the added elements of loss (of a parent or both parents), the history that the hero and heroine have with the dead parent(s). Each character brings their own experience to the page even children. In The Cowboy’s Baby Bond this is very evident in how each child has reacted to their loss. One of Willow’s sisters is especially challenging and gives the reader many insights into the character of the hero and heroine as they deal with the girl.

I see you live in Canada. Howdy neighbor to the North! Have you ever visited the USA, and if yes, what states and attractions did you see?

I’ve visited quite a lot in the States. I have a daughter living in Colorado and besides visiting her and her family, I’ve done a bit of research there. I’m hoping to do a series on the Santa Fe Trail so really enjoyed visiting Bents Old Fort. I’ve been to New York City, Philadelphia and Indianapolis. I’ve done research in Idaho, Montana and the Dakotas. Oh and my husband and I took a motorhome and twelve kids on a road trip from Alberta to Mexico stopping to see the sights along the way—the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Disneyland—to name a few. And I suppose I shouldn’t overlook Hawaii. My daughter lived there for a year so we visited. Since then, I’ve been back several times. This past Feb. I joined my daughter, her husband and six-year-old daughter in Maui.

Do you have a God-moment to share? An instance where you knew you were in the right place, doing the right thing, for His greater purpose?

I’ve had many God moments. In every book, I reach a place where I am completely frustrated and at a loss as to how to put the story that’s in my head into a structure that will tell it on paper. Although I pray for each of my stories, at this point, I am in tears and my prayers are pleas for help. The answer isn’t a miraculous outline appearing or anything nearly that dramatic. But with God’s help, I sort out the story. I find great comfort and encouragement from the Bible. Proverbs is especially helpful.

Proverbs chapter two: If you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding…you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God. For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.


An Honorable Cowboy

Determined single mother Willow Reames has one goal: to reunite with her sisters and begin a new life with them and her infant son. But when she’s unexpectedly stranded in the Montana wilderness—with her siblings nowhere in sight—she needs to rely on the kindness of Johnny Harding.

It’s more than honor that compels the half Native American cowboy to help the beautiful widow and her adorable baby. The little family evokes his masculine instincts to protect them. Soon woman-wary Johnny is cradling baby Adam in his arms and offering to assist Willow in finding her missing sisters. As their hearts slowly thaw, can Johnny convince Willow to trust him with the secret she’s keeping so, just maybe, they can have a future together?

Montana Cowboys: These brothers live and love by the code of the West.

The Giveaway

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