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I Don’t Pull Punches. Why You SHOULD (and SHOULDN’T) Sign Up for My Newsletter


Hey, have you signed up for my newsletter? Let me give it to you straight. Here’s why you SHOULD:

Newsletter subscribers get <FREE FREE FREE>

  1. Heather’s Haberdashery–ebook of loooong excerpts from SEVEN of my books

  2. Monthly newsletters with:

  3. Exclusive contests

  4. Fun giveaways

  5. Hints on my current work-in-progress

  6. Scene and story X-Rays

  7. A monthly profile of a REAL lady in defiance (like Annie Oakley or Agent 355)

  8. And much more!

BUT, here’s why you SHOULDN’T sign up for my newsletter. You might not like:

  1. Strong, sassy heroines

  2. Men who are manly

  3. Historical Christian Western Romance that entails the use of firearms, often in a threatening manner

  4. Gunfights and fistfights

  5. Politically incorrect but historically accurate language (but no cursing)

  6. An inspirational story

  7. A clear (but never heavy-handed) Gospel message

  8. American values

 But if you are still in, hoss, all you have to do is sign up

here and you’ll receive the FREE SAMPLE CHAPTERS (One file entitled Heather’s Haberdashery) and future newsletters.

Well, I’m off to see a man about a horse. Thanks for readin’. Hope you’ll sign up. God bless and happy trails!

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