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My Brief but Illustrious Career as a Movie Extra

I just served a day-and-a-half as an extra on the set of JCFilms' Beyond the Hidden Veil of Shame. I'm glad I did it. I learned a lot and I made some nice friends. But it baffles me why anyone would want to be an actor. I asked the lead child actor if he wanted to be an actor when he grew up. He promptly replied, "I want to be an actor and a brain surgeon."

Smart kid. A back-up plan. I encouraged him, of course, to continue to dream big and go after all of it. No holding back. Go for the brass ring!

Seriously, it was fascinating watching a story come together an out-of-order piece at a time, and it was a challenge to "act," something I don't much care for. God made me a writer. Writers stand behind the camera.

But I love what is motivating JCFilms. The company, helmed by Jason Campbell, has made over fifty, independent Christian films--all family-friendly. All with a strong message about some culturally relevant issues addressed from a Biblical perspective. The movies are small-budget flicks, but Jason has the support of some heavy hitters, like Kevin Sorbo and Dean Cain (who I saw for about 30 seconds). Also, JCFilms was started with help from Eric Estrada. Just a fun, little tidbit.

Jason calls his company a ministry. He wants to take back the mountain of entertainment. He knows the impact a good movie can have and he's trying to make as many of them as he can. A worthwhile endeavor. This current movie could save lives AND souls. It's the story of a woman who had an abortion, nearly died from grief and guilt...and Jesus lovingly restored her to wholeness. Not every movie has to be a soul-winner, but for JCFilms it does.


You can learn more about Beyond the Hidden Veil of Shame by visiting Kay Hall's website. If you or anyone you know could use help dealing with the aftermath of an abortion, run don't walk to her site.

And keep reading for bits and pieces of my epic time as an EXTRA!

This lovely lady is Nicole Abisinio, an actress who left Hollywood to make REAL movies. Her testimony is fascinating. In the blink of an eye, at the height of her career, in the middle of the Cannes Film Festival, she saw the emptiness surrounding her. Her search for meaning launched her right into the arms of Jesus.

And that's author Kay Hall with JCFilms owner and the director of this movie, Jason Campbell. Below is just an assortment of photos. The hardest thing in the world was remember to NOT look at the camera! And there was one everywhere.

The abortion protest. At one point a news choper flew over head to check us out. I guess they got the info that the protest was fake. But it was hard work!

This is our pastor being arrested. The police take a dim view of bombs being thrown into occupied buildings.

Joseph Moreland played the pastor. Sometimes, it's not very glamorous work acting. Here is is getting dressed in the church fellowship hall.

Actress Deborah Thomson played the pastor's wife and she was pretty disgusted with his fiery, unforgiving rhetoric. But she was a nice lady.

Extras. Sitting and waiting.

Sitting and reading.

Most often, we were reading the book we were acting in.

That's the boom with the mic on it. This kid had a hard job. His arms were up constantly.

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