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Bear into Redemption by Alisa Hope Wagner Q&A and #BookGiveaway #LadiesInDefiance

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Thank you for joining us today Alisa! All of Alisa’s books can be found on her Amazon Writer’s Page. Check out her Anoma Series below:

How was one of your book heroines, “A Lady in Defiance” of the times or circumstances in which she lived?

Eve Pallue, the heroine of my fiction trilogy, The Anoma Series, defies the dystopian society in which she lives and the temporal purposes that they have established for her. She nearly dies in an “Awakening” and quickly realizes that the accolades, riches and fame she has accumulated over the years mean nothing. The existence she has carved out may seem profound on earth, but compared to eternity it means very little. Eve forgoes everything—an entire life of achievement—in order to grasp the possibility of a life and purpose that are truly meaningful.

In today’s busy, crazy life, where things never seem to go as planned, how do you keep your JOY amidst all of the chaos? What is true joy for you?

Keeping joy in the craziness of life is truly a discipline that has to be exercised. Just like the chaotic streets of a busy city, it is easy for us to get swept up in the hectic traffic, so thrown off by the construction, honking horns, crazy drivers and constant detours that we forget to pay attention to the still soft voice of the Lord. Only He can offer us peace in the midst of crazy city traffic. Only He can guide us through the many turn-offs and lane changes to get us to our destiny in His timing. Only God can be our GPS, guiding us through the frenzy with calm assurance that we are indeed going the right way. But we have to trust Him and daily keep our signal open to His voice. Only then can we find true and lasting joy even when the circumstances around us are deadlocked and confusing.

What do you want your readers to find in your books?

I definitely want my readers to not only be entertained, but also enchanted with the emotions of the characters. If my readers cannot identify with the weaknesses, strengths, struggles and triumphs of my characters both mentally and emotionally, I haven’t written them “real” enough. Most of all, however, I want all my books—fiction and nonfiction—to be a wellspring of the Holy Spirit. If I haven’t poured eternity into my stories, I have failed to write a story that is eternally bound.

Eve Pallue’s façade of purpose falters when a near death experience exposes the frailty of her existence, and she must come to grips with a reality that death ultimately wins. A hidden memory of a forgotten mother surfaces, and Eve’s bodyguard, Randall, takes advantage of her weakened state, trying to capture her devotion and lace her into his ambitious agenda. A dying therapist and her unlikely caretaker lead Eve on a journey of Truth; and a catastrophic fire catapults Eve into a life she has always feared, destroying the only one she has ever known. Eve awakens to severe burns and a pair of doting, elderly sisters who nurture Eve’s newfound faith and guide her on the path to eternal purpose.

About the Book

Ruth struggles to survive the rustic Colonies, and she must adjust to living with family she barely knows. However, her mother’s sickness and her brother’s protectiveness cannot deter the feelings she is forming for a retired fighter with a Caddo Indian heritage and an abusive past. As Ruth begins to expose the World Government’s control tactics to divide the world into two factions, she finds her place as a simple seamstress with little understanding of rural life. As Ruth overcomes loss and learns to love, God begins to unite a dynamic group of Efficientists and Colonials, setting the stage for a sweeping resistance that no one can comprehend.

The Giveaway

Thank you so much Alisa, and as a bonus, she has offered to giveaway a copy of Eve of Awakening AND Bear into Redemption to one lucky winner. Due to shipping costs, the winner must have a US or Canadian address. Enter through the Rafflecopter below:

If you’d like to find other blogs offering great giveaways, below is the list, so start “hopping!”


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