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Tiffany Dawn: Standing in Defiance of Discouragement #LadiesInDefiance

A big ‘Hello’ to Tiffany! Thanks for stopping by today to bring some encouragement.

I so easily feel discouraged and invisible — like nothing I do matters or makes a difference in the world. I often forget that my Father God sees me, even when it seems like no one else does. The important thing is that I faithfully do what God has put in my hands to do, and trust Him with the results.

Check out her post on what to do when feeling discouraged in ministry.

Tiffany Dawn is a 29-year-old dreamer, songwriter, speaker, and author of “The Insatiable Quest for Beauty” and “Boycrazy.” With her master’s degree in music therapy, Tiffany dreams of opening a home for girls struggling with eating disorders. She has a not-so-secret love affair with raspberry chai, long walks, and everything spy-related. When she’s not escaping winter through cross-country tours, Tiffany resides in beautiful upstate New York with her brand-new husband James.

You can find her here:

Twitter, Insta, & Facebook: @tiffanydawniqb Youtube: Wordpress: Website: Email:

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