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The Indian and His Runaway Missionary are Here!

Well, technically, that should be is here. This is my newest release, book 5 in the Brides of Evergreen series. The Indian and His Runaway Missionary...

She can't let a man come between her and God...can she?

Widowed missionary Laurie Wilcox has promised to live the rest of her life serving God and feels called to minister to the Plains Indians. But when a handsome Cheyenne elder ignited a passion in her heart, she realized he had also taken her eyes off her calling. Panicked by the distraction, Laurie ran, slipping away to a different reservation. Surely, after all, serving the Lord was her path… not a trivial romance?

Henry Long Feather was fighting to build his life in a white man’s world. When he met and fell in love with Laurie, he thought perhaps he’d taken at least one step in the right direction. She, unfortunately, was already in love with someone else--her God.

Now, Long Feather has the opportunity to become a partner in a successful cattle ranch. He has decided, however, he can’t go forward until he settles things with his runaway missionary. He must try one more time to win her heart. And one more time, Laurie will have to choose between serving God and loving a man...

I think this is a great story for the current climate. A tale of two cultures and how love should be able to bridge any gap. I hope you'll check it out. The Indian and His Runaway Missionary is on sale at the introductory price of only $.99! Grab your copy today!

How about a little trivia? When I was writing The Indian and His Runaway Missionary, I was thinking of two actors: Lou Diamond Phillips and Michael Greyeyes.

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