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The Goodness of God

I have some good news over which I am still pinching myself. I mean, I literally am floored by the Lord's kindness to me. Seriously, I can't believe what I'm about to tell you.

I have mentioned a few times that my script, Unbridled Hearts, has done well on the film festival circuit. It's either been an Official Selection, Finalist, or Winner in six--SIX--film festivals. So far, every festival I've entered has accepted the script. And I even won Best Screenplay at the Nashville Women's Film Festival. That is phenomenal in and of itself, but then something even more amazing happened. 

Unbridled Hearts is now an Official Nominee at the International Christian Film and Music Festival! I have been told this is like the Oscars of Christian entertainment. The competition is crazy stiff. And to say I am humbled, grateful, and overwhelmed would be massively understating how bowled over I am. I had to listen to the announcement twice to make sure I'd heard it right! 

In our Zoom the other night, I told the girls how the Lord gave me this story in the most complete fashion he's ever given me ANY story. Sometimes I hear preachers talk about Him "downloading" revelation and sermons to them. Now I kinda get that. 

It really was like the Lord handed me a tight outline and said, "Go write this." And because I was so aware that there was something different about this story and how it came to me, I knew that the Lord had plans for it.

I wish I could hear from the Father this easily all the time. It sure would save me a lot of missed turns and backtracking.

The best part of this God-story, though, is the peace. Knowing I'm in the Lord's will. HE gave me this story. HE has plans for it. HE will accomplish them if I continue to strive for obedience. All that brings amazing peace.

And in the light of his goodness, I sure see my unworthiness. I don't read my Bible enough. I don't pray enough. I don't help the homeless enough. I should be a better witness. And yet, he gave me this story. I'm even tearing up as I type this because his mercy and lovingkindness overwhelm me. I don't deserve any of it. 

I told him that all I want from attending ICFF is whatever will bring HIM glory. I have hopes and desires, sure, but ultimately I only want what points directly to Jesus.

If you have a dream in your heart, hang on to it and give it to God. That statement is not a conundrum. You have to do both to see it to fruition. Would you agree?

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