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“Somebody oughta write that down.”

I‘ve muttered that under my breath at least a dozen times during my Intro to Folklore class. In a small auditorium brimming with nearly a hundred people, some delightfully amusing, astonishing, and intriguing family stories have come to light. As a group, we talk; we laugh; we say, “Wow, that’s cool,” and then we leave.

Do you, my fellow students, stop to ponder the value of the narratives you share? Do you realize that such tales are literally the basis upon which some families are built? That the funny little histories you’ve heard since childhood seamlessly link past, present, and future? Family folklore creates identity, preserves history, establishes family pride, and connects groups by more than bloodlines. Let’s keep the circle unbroken. Share your favorite anecdotes here and we’ll work together to make sure the stories never die.

Don’t sweat the grammar or the details. Tell us the story as if you’re sharing it amongst friends. Last names aren’t necessary if you’d rather not incriminate yourself (or others).

Please send your submissions to

Important note: By posting here, you agree to allow this story to be used only for the purposes of research and education.

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