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One of the things I don't like about having kids...

I have two boys and one is quite the lady's man. He's always had pretty, little petite blondes hanging on his arm. Some of these girls I've liked all right, some I was neutral on, but there's one I could love like a daughter should they get married.

Only, they keep breaking up.

Over and over.

It's a horrible, painful thing to watch. Now, the reason for each break-up isn't my point today. Why I don't like their volatile relationship is. It affects me. MY heart is involved. I would have never guessed this would be a problem. I don't know what I did think about my boys' potential wives. I suppose I assumed one day they would come home with a young lady who was "the one," we would all know it, and life would be a fairy tale.

I never stopped to think they might go through a few before they found the right match. In the meantime, I might start building a friendship with someone who maybe wouldn't be a permanent part of our lives. And the revelation would actually hurt.

While the young lady in question isn't even remotely perfect, I remember what it was like to be eighteen. I am wise enough now to know who she is today isn't who she'll be when she's thirty.

In other words, I can see her potential, just like I see my son's, and I would be pleased to be a part of her future. Now I understand how cool feelings can develop between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law. It's hard to get over thinking someone was going to present you with grandchildren someday...and then suddenly there's a totally different person standing in her place.

It just surprises me, is all. I thought I was more aloof and disconnected from the love affairs my boys trip into. But, it turns out, this lone wolf of a writer has been irrevocably changed by adulthood and Christ. Maturity has given me the ability to understand people grow up, life changes them. Knowing Christ has given me the ability to love people and welcome them into our home, even into our family.

Yeah, this is one part of the deal I wasn't expecting. Don't care for it much, either.

What about you? Do you still wonder whatever happened to a child's old boyfriend or girlfriend?

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