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Now I ain’t cheap, but I can be had.

Jack Colton : My minimum price for taking a stranded lady to a telephone is 400 dollars.

Joan Wilder : Will you take 375 in traveler’s checks?

Jack Colton : American Express?

Joan Wilder : Of course.

Jack Colton : You’ve got a deal.

You probably recognize those lines from one fabulous romantic comedy, Romancing the Stone. So what does that have to do with my blog post today? Barely anything at all. I just love that movie.

NOW, HAVING SAID THAT, I would like to offer a FREE book in exchange for an HONEST review. No traveler’s checks needed! FREE. FREE. FREE. Other than the investment of your time. 

The first 20 people to comment below, I’ll send you a link for YOUR FREE ECOPY of Mail-Order Deception! A stand-alone mystery romance in my Brides of Evergreen series.

And if you have a favorite quote from Romancing the Stone, I’d love to hear it!


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