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Not a U-Turn, Exactly

So, I thought I had my editorial calendar more or less ready to go for 2024...and then the Lord said, "Uh...maybe let's change a few things."


As I've sat and prayed and tried to listen to the Father, I've come up with new goals. I wrote a script (Unbridled Hearts) that was not only accepted into four film festivals, it was either a semi-finalist or finalist in three of them. In fact, literally, as I was praying on whether to write more scripts or books, I got the email that said I'm a finalist in the Women's Film Festival in Nashville. 

I felt like the Lord had dropped a piano on me. 

AND, I'll remind you, the script is with a producer. The success of Unbridled Hearts is all God. I can't say that enough or with more insistence.

So, in 2024, just to give y'all a heads up, I'll be finishing Delilah's story in Defiance. Look for that in February. Maybe on my birthday!

But I will also be pitching Unbridled Hearts a little harder, and I'll be working on a Christmas script. And I'll be tackling a new books  series that I've started outlining. Think, the story of Joseph in the BIble meets Gunsmoke. ;)

Here's the biggest surprise, at least to me: I have been working to adapt Unbridled Hearts into a novel so that I could share it with y'all. But, and I hesitate to say this, but I think the Lord wants me to see about getting it to a traditional publisher. I'm still chatting with him about this notion... A lot of people have warned me not to do this. Release the book indy, instead, they say. But I can't seem to shake the idea.

Regardless, here's the bottom line for me: I want everything I write in 2024 to point to the reason for the matter the time of year. And I'll do it his way. I'm just trying to focus on obedience.

You won't, therefore, see as many releases from me as last year, but what I turn out, I pray to God will haunt your dreams in a beautiful, meaningful way. And bring him glory!

Let's roll!

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