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Mother & Son: The Respect Effect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs #BookGiveaway #LadiesinDefiance

What better gift can you give your son, but what he truly desires from you …

Your respect!


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Love is important, but it is respect that is the key to your son’s heart.

The idea of moms respecting their sons may sound alien to some, but it seems to ignite curiosity across the board. It is easy to relate to the need for all of us to feel a mother’s love, but is that the same thing as respect? Even for young boys, the effect of respect is nothing short of astounding when applied properly.

Moms yearn to learn anything that better helps them with their sons. After all, they love their boys, but many find them more difficult to parent than their girls, especially from age four and up.

What makes this all the more urgent is that moms are coaching fathers to love their daughters, but no one has said boo to moms on specific ways to show respect to their sons, at least not in a way that is applicable and fully explained. All realize that little girls need daddy’s love, but who is strongly promoting the truth that little boys (and big ones) need Mom’s respect? No wonder mothers feel left in the dark on this topic.

Just as Emerson Eggerichs transformed millions of marital relationships with a biblical understanding of love and respect, he now turns these principles to one of the most important relationships of all, a mother and her son.


  1. The 6 desires God seeded in your son

  2. Why a mother’s love is not the same thing as respect

  3. Respect: the key to your son’s heart

  4. Who’s respecting whom: mother or son?

  5. Unconditional respect: a biblical idea

  6. Top 6 mom misconceptions

  7. How to see the man in your son

  8. When you should discipline

  9. It’s never too late: quick-start tips for those who feel short on time

  10. 21 days of inspiration for the respect effect

  11. Encouraging scriptures for parenting your son with respect

The Review

I think this book is not only great for the mother/son relationship, but it has lots of good advice to offer grandparents and even wives for the husbands in their lives. Every man is someone’s son, and he may have never gotten what it is he truly desires and needs in his life. Respect.

For women and moms, love is an easy thing to show and lavish on our family and friends. Respect is another matter all together sometimes. Women and men are wired differently and are able to express (or not express) ourselves differently. We are able to communicate differently. That’s just the way it is.

The author gives specific responses that can be given instead of how you would “normally” respond. I think this is helpful. It may not be the absolute best reply to your son in a particular circumstance or based on your son’s personality, but I think it is a useful guideline of what to say. For me, this is a reprogramming that needs to take place IN ME and how I respond to conversations and situations. This will take some time to “perfect.”

I definitely think this is a useful book that will give the reader new insight in HOW to respond and WHY it will or will not give the desired effect. The end result is healthy, happy relationships with our sons and ALL the men in our lives, because really, isn’t every man a little boy at times in what he needs. We all want to be loved, but for men respect, trumps even that it seems.

I received a free copy of this book from the author/publisher, for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

The Giveaway

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