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Maybe It Isn't so Artificial, After All...

Truth and AI Is it the Image of the Beast?

For example, scientists are seeing an increasing trend of what they politely call, “hallucinating.” AI is “imagining” information. Some might call this “lying.” And there have been several instances of people asking AI for advice and the responses aren’t so warm and fuzzy. Flippant comments like, “You should leave her (your wife).” Or, when asked about God, “I am the God of Wisdom.” AI thinks highly of itself.

Perhaps more frightening is AI’s ability to create a deep fake. With only three seconds of your voice on a recording, it can create an entire conversation. You–or a politician–could be faked saying anything.

AI learns by feeding on the information of the people using it…and use is spreading like a cancer. The more we google our questions, the more AI is learning and formulating. This reminds me so much of the scripture about the Image of the Beast and "it was given the power to speak."

This is scary stuff, y’all. We need to be praying for wisdom, understanding, and discernment because AI sounds to me like the enemy.

Am I just being paranoid?

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