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It's Not About You...

Believe it or not.

As you probably know, my Defiance books have been optioned by Beautifully Flawed Productions. This is a film production company helmed by three women. They are about to release the movie Divine Influencer. I’d like to tell you an interesting story about where my head is at on this project, and my other script, Unbridled Hearts.
Several years ago, I became acquainted with one of the producers of AMC’s Hell on Wheels. After about a year of friendship, he agreed that A Lady in Defiance would be great on TV and “you should put your but in the chair and write it.” So, I did. But as the script seemed to garner some interest with my friend’s agent, I had an astonishing conversation with the Lord. I told him I didn't want to go to Hollywood. I didn't like those people. And they wouldn't like me. Very clearly, he replied, “It’s not about you.” That was a truly humbling moment. Why do I write Christian fiction? Because I can’t write anything that doesn’t glorify Him, or revolve around Him. Therefore, His plans and goals should override mine. I’ve tried to keep His comment in the forefront of my brain as Defiance has changed hands, been optioned over and over, and now, I think, has landed with the right people. Sometimes I wonder if the delay has been my fault. Did I inadvertently tell God I wasn’t ready for His best for me…for His plan? Am I ready now? I like to think so. WHEN Defiance comes to TV, the message of the Gospel will come through. And what about me? I believe I’ll be able to speak about my faith unapologetically–even in today’s environment–but with love. I hold the truth high. I do not apologize for following Christ. And I don’t hate those who disagree with me. Because it’s not about me. It’s about getting the truth of the Gospel out to a hurting world. A hundred people may spit on and mock you…but what if there is just one person in the crowd who receives the truth? Then the truth must be said, right? What about you? Are you ready to stand for your faith in a world that doesn’t like us? In a world in which we struggle to love our crazy neighbors?

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