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Distance makes the heart grow fonder…no, really

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When my grandmother was seven, she was diagnosed with polio. Throughout her life, she was made fun of for the way she walked— with a noticeable limp. However, this did not stop the captain of the football team from taking interest in her. After a few months of courting, the two were inseparable and eventually planned to get married. That was until the young man learned that he would soon be shipped to Korea to fight in the war.      Despite this, and against all odds, the two decided to wait for each other. For two years, they wrote letters back and forth with no other contact. My grandmother, a concert pianist, was in college at the time. When the young man returned home from the war unscathed, the two were married and moved to Ohio to start a family.     After my grandmother’s passing last September, my grandfather shared with me some of their love letters.

I love the idea of your blog. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s stories!

Elizabeth Davis

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