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Did you look on the roof?


From Kristy Sabo:

My grandfather loves to glorify his childhood prankster days by re-telling the same 5 stories whenever the opportunity presents itself. When this doesn’t naturally occur, he’ll be found approaching/chatting up strangers wherever we travel as to get an opportunity to tell one of these stories. One of the biggest crowd pleasers is the event that took place when he invaded the neighboring Amish community. Under the cover of night, he and a few friends walked to the schoolteacher’s house and proceeded to disassemble his buggy. They then lugged the pieces, through several trips, to the local Amish schoolhouse, and then proceeded to drag these pieces to the roof of the building. It was here that they reassembled the buggy for the disgruntled schoolteacher to stumble upon the next day. My grandfather usually utters his wheezy laugh to the point of crying at this punch line, and whenever we complain about not being able to find something he’ll shout, “Have you checked the roof!?” and laugh some more.

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