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Cowboys, Indians, Human Sacrifices…and Romance

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My husband’s family has lived in the Texas area for generations, long before Texas became a part of the United States.  His family is of Mexican descent, but they are most proud of their heritage associated with the Mulatto Indian tribe that caused their family to settle in Texas.  The main tribe of Indians in that area participated in offering human sacrifices to appease the gods.  Often times they would capture the Mulatto Indians for their human sacrifices.  A great grandfather, when he was a young man, discovered that they were looking for him to be the next sacrifice and he fled the tribe, leaving his family behind.  He headed further north into what is now South Texas.  Upon his arrival he was awestruck by a beautiful young woman who had just moved there from Spain.  The two developed a budding romance, married and started a family.  It is the area where his descendants still live today.


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