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Chapter 3 — Part 3: McIntyre Shows His True Colors

A Lady in Defiance

Book One By Heather Frey Blanton

Copyright 2012 Heather Blanton

Art by Angiria

Art by Angirias

Lighting a cigar, McIntyre stood far enough back from the saloon’s windows to study the girls without being seen. He was pleased to discover that the other two sisters were just as handsome as Naomi. However, he considered their planned future a waste of good flesh. Two golden-haired beauties and a dark one would draw in the miners; they always liked fresh meat. [SO I’LL FESS UP NOW. THE THREE SISTERS, WHILE VERY DIFFERENT FROM MY SIBLINGS, ARE A TRIBUTE TO MINE. TWO BLONDES, ONE BRUNETTE. THAT’S PRETTY MUCH WHERE THE SIMILARITIES END. THESE THREEE GIRLS REALLY DID DEVELOP THEIR OWN PERSONALITIES.]

The variety in the sisters’ ages was a selling point as well. The youngest, petite and blonde like Naomi, looked to be about sixteen. The one with chestnut hair and more regal, almost Indian-like features, was probably approaching forty. He guessed his feisty new business partner was somewhere in her late twenties.

Alas, they would have to remain unsold and unsoiled. He would put the word out. Women were nearly as valuable as gold and silver in the West, but these three would have to be off limits, at least to the general public. He, of course was a different story. But that could wait for a while, too.

Pulling his watch out of his vest pocket, he chuckled when he thought of Naomi throwing up her hand to stop his offer of employment. No one had talked to him like that in years. And he had even seen her blush. He didn’t know women still did that. Yet, she had jumped ol’ Sam like a wolverine trying to protect its young. Delicate and genteel but, by Dixie, sassy as a red pepper! Whistling a cheerful tune, McIntyre went back to his office to grab his hat and the keys for the newest residents of Defiance. [I LAUGH WHEN I READ THIS. LITTLE DID MCINTYRE KNOW WHAT WAS COMING.]

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