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Big Tech and the Media are Feeling Froggy

In college, I remember a journalism class in which we discussed the "agenda-setting" power of the media. Meaning, the media can literally tell you what to think simply by what stories they choose to cover and from what perspective. Furthermore, they know that through repetition of carefully word-crafted stories, their version of the truth can become your truth as well. It's much like a psychological operation, to use a military term.

The mainstream media are dishonest, skewed, and very definitely trying to tell you how to think. If you are a Trump supporter, they want you dispirited and defeated. They want you to stand down, to concede, and NOT to look any deeper into the allegations of voter irregularities.

As a former journalist, I know manipulation when I hear it. After some research (which I'm good at), I know lies when I hear them. I will tell you without any apology, there is something very wrong with EVERY step of how this election was handled. I'm confident the lies will be exposed because this is America and a coup by the media and Big Tech will not stand.

In the end, God is still in control and nothing going on down here surprises him. I just pray he does not give us as a nation what we deserve. I'm praying for his mercy.

What are you praying for?

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Susan Nikolaus
Susan Nikolaus
12 sty 2021

Amen Heather! God's Mercies are abundant! As Christians we need not be angry about the present, God is in control and has a plan for the outcome. Thank you for the encouraging words!

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