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Be Excited About What's Coming

My life isn't Facebook perfect. What I mean by that is everyone posts the best of everything on social media. They don't (normally) post about arguments with kids, disagreements with spouses, dreams that get crushed, or financial problems.

No, we see their perfect families, huge smiles, exotic backgrounds, beautiful yards, etc., etc., etc.

Lately, my family has been going through some things. Let's just call them "life experiences." I was pretty bummed out the other day as I was driving somewhere. I was contemplating this bad thing and that bad thing and I was worrying and feeling sorry for myself...

And then the Lord gave me a really beautiful thought. "If I work all things for your good," he said, "you should be excited about what's coming."

Ohhh. That's good.

Talk about a nugget. I'm hanging on to it.

To be honest, though, I'm also still struggling with some of the family issues. They make it hard to focus on/hope for what this "good" is that the Lord has in store for me. But focusing on his promises is the only way we're going to get through troubled waters. 

Promises that are all yes and amen. 

We shouldn't worry. He's got this. He's got us. The cares of life sure do a number on our hearts, though, don't they? He knows. He understands. He's been there too. He'll pull us out of the miry clay. We just have to keep reaching up to him.

-----Care to share one of your favorite promises with me? I could use it! 

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