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Ann Leavitt Baker –The Pioneer Woman who Delivered

In doing research for my blog, I stumbled across the writings of Alice Baker Kraft, daughter of Ann Leavitt Baker and one of eleven children. Ann was a tough, hard- working, resourceful woman. A wife and mother, she was also a midwife and doctor-of- sorts to folks on the remote Canadian prairie. I didn’t see any sense in reinventing the wheel when Alice’s writing is so full of fond and vivid memories, not to mention fascinating historical tidbits. The following is just a slice of a much longer piece. If you’d like to read more, the link is at the end.

“The Inscription on a plaque honoring Ann Eliza Leavitt Baker reads as follows:

In loving memory of Ann Eliza Baker, 9 Feb 1858 – 3 Jul 1933. A great humanitarian whose life of service for her fellow man has inspired and blessed many. She traveled these hills and valleys and nearby towns to deliver hundreds of babies and care for the sick. No storm was too severe to stop her. She walked, rode horseback, or went by wagon, and on many occasions, rode miles on a stone boat. She raised her own family of 11 children, and was the President of the local Relief Society for 26 years. Her long and loving devotion and service to humanity is unexcelled.

Presented by those who were first spanked by this gracious lady.”

Read more about this incredible lady here:

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