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Amber Lynn Perry: Women in Defiance of Tyranny #LadiesinDefiance

Thank you so much for having me! I love your theme of “defiance”, and am thrilled to be able to talk about “women in defiance of tyranny”. My series,

Daughters of His Kingdom, features women in 18th century who are fearless in the face of difficult challenges and defy the simpler road, to follow the more difficult path of truth.

During the American Revolution when many of the men joined the army, the women were equally courageous at home. Many women, though saddened at the thought of their husbands and sons leaving for war, ushered them out to “win the cause” of freedom they so passionately believed in. The wives and daughters who stayed home cared for the farms and businesses their fathers and sons had left behind. This left the women at great risk, as the British soldiers would often come and take whatever they wanted—from the farms, and also from the women.  But these women were fearless. One account recalls a mother, upon seeing the British approaching, set fire to her entire crop, so the British could not benefit from stealing it. Another account tells of a group of women who formed their own local militia, to protect their town while the men were away.  I am always inspired by the countless stories of heroism and courage these stalwart women displayed. They defied the idea that women could not understand or involve themselves in “politics” or “matters of state”. They understood perfectly well what was at stake. They showed they would not be frightened into submission, but would fight equally hard for the independence they so desperately wanted. They worked for the cause at home, yes, but they also worked as spies, and smugglers; they fired muskets and cannons in battle; they made their voices heard as they wrote to the congress to state their opposition to King George. These women were incredible.

It’s difficult for many of us in the 21st century to comprehend what was at stake for the patriots who fought for liberty. At the time, defying the king and striving for independence was considered treason and anyone caught going against the wishes of the crown could be hanged for their actions. This was a very real and very frightening prospect, but it didn’t cool their passion—in fact, it fueled it. Together, these women made a powerful and indelible impact on the future of America. I pray I will be as courageous and steadfast in my own beliefs, and honor their legacy as I strive to follow the path of truth God has given me.

Amber Lynn Perry

Penning the past to inspire tomorrow

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