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Times aren't changing in our favor...

If you think things look bleak for Christians and Conservatives in this country, you're definitely right. Even before CV-19, the moral decline in America was moving like a rocket sled on rails. Satan has managed to normalize abortion. Now he's working to excuse pedophilia. The "entertainment" industry turns out some of the most offensive, Godless smut a person can imagine. A small band of violent loudmouths spent the summer preaching about justice--as they burned and looted private businesses. And now our lawless, out-of-touch government is going to vote on impeaching a former president--a PRIVATE citizen.

The rocket sled of chaos and depravity seems to be going a little faster every day, doesn't it?

But lift up your eyes! NOTHING that is happening in this world has caused even an inkling of panic in heaven. God is still on the throne. He has heard the prayers of his children crying out for justice.

And he will answer us. In His time.

I'm thinking I don't want to be on the wrong side of that answer when it comes. Until it does, I do want to encourage you to stand strong for what you believe. Though you may feel outnumbered and surrounded, you're not. I repeat: you are not.

The God of the universe knows your name. He loves you with an everlasting love. He is mindful of your going out and coming in. He wants to provide for you and protect you.

That said, I believe our time here is growing short. Please tell someone about Jesus. I find it's easier to share how Jesus has changed my life rather than ask an awkward question like, "Hey, do you know Jesus?" But that's just me. Y'all bring Him up anyway the Holy Spirit leads.

But try to find the courage to do it. Souls hang in the balance.


So, a few weeks ago, I released my newest project, The Indian and His Runaway Missionary. I hope you'll check it out! A romantic, inspirational read that may move you to tears.

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