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Tale of the Haunted Leg

by Mallory Roseman.

“When my grandmother was a girl, she lived with her family in a haunted house. It was a small mill house in Mooresville, NC. People said the house used to be a gambling den, and that a man had been murdered there for being unable to pay his debts. Supposedly, the guys who ran the gambling den dismembered the debtor, and hid his body somewhere in the house. My grandmother did not know if that story was true, but she did know that weird things happened in the house throughout the time she lived there. She and her brother would go out to play in the mornings, and when they’d come home at night, every light in the house would be on. Her scariest night in the house was a night when her father’s sisters had come to visit. There was not a lot of room, so my grandmother and her sister Nadine had to share a bed. That night, my grandmother felt a leg on her side of the bed, and nudged her sister to wake up. Neither of them could figure out who the leg belonged to- it seemed to end just above the knee. They wanted to see  were too afraid to get out of bed to turn on the light. For the entire night, they were stuck in the bed with the phantom leg. That night was more than 70 years ago, and she has yet to forget the house or the night of the leg in the bed.”

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