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Show me a shoe box and some road-kill…

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My great uncle Hack has had a thing for flowers since he was a little boy. He was always arranging them, in old jars and vases. Growing up during the Depression flowers were hard to come by, so he used “Roadsidia” (weeds on the side of the road) to create his masterpieces. Hack used any occasion as a reason to design. His Momma knew he had a calling when she saw the casket spray at the burial for the family pet.

Today, at 83 he is the most photographed floral designer in the country, has been a rose bowl judge, designed for the Oscars and has decorated the white house. His yard is like Monet’s garden, spectacular. He spends countless hours growing and grooming his flowers and greenery, to then cut and arrange the most elegant arrangements for a family gathering, holiday celebration, or just because. Legend has it he was once heard to say……”show me a shoe box and some road kill…and I’ll show you a funeral”

Hope this works thats a ton! Maggie Nash

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