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Sherry Rummler: Taking a Stand Against Domestic Abuse & Burning Suspicion #BookGiveaway #Ladiesi

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Thank you Sherry for stopping over today and sharing about Domestic Abuse!

“The topic of domestic abuse is a current trend in our recent headlines. The question that seems to perplex most people is: “Why do people stay in abusive relationships? Why don’t they just leave?” The answer is not so simple. I know. I was a victim.

Burning Suspicion is a psychological suspense novel based on two characters that become involved with a narcissist. Make no mistake; no two stories are the same. This is not a memoir. However, the traits of the abuser and mind control are similar and are shown throughout this gripping narrative. Relationships are complex. Falling in love can be described as the highlight of our lives yet sometimes love is not so simple. It’s downright dangerous. Why? Because physical bruises heal but the after effects of emotional and spiritual abuse are devastating and linger long afte

r the relationship is over. Don’t be surprised to find out that domestic abuse doesn’t only happen to women; many men suffer internally and are ashamed to come forward as well. It is a passion of mine to entertain but also enlighten through this work of fiction. An acquaintance read

Burning Suspicion and told how she broke off her relationship and thanked me for saving her from making a very bad long-term mistake. This has only propelled me further to publish this work. I’m currently working on the second novel in the series: Burning Quest to follow…

Please note: Leaving an abusive relationship exasperates abuse; a proper exit strategy needs to be in place. If you or someone you know is in an abusive situation please seek help.”


Sherry Rummler is the internationally acclaimed author of Entrusted. For more information about this author visit:

burning suspicion by sherry rummler

A fatal fire leaves a question burning in the mind of Meredith Walsh: Did Ian Johnston murder his parents? When Meredith confronts her fiancée, Ian, about his parents’ death, he challenges Meredith’s accusations and claims to authorities that she is mentally unstable. Ian’s words and actions continue to wreak havoc on Meredith’s mind after he skips town, leaving her to question her sanity and fear for her life. Andy Hall, a rookie detective at NYPD, is ready and eager to take the case. Convinced the fire is a homicide, Detective Hall wonders why his boss is so willing to push the case to the back burner. As each detail of truth surfaces from the ashes, he soon realizes the situation is far more sinister than originally thought. Will Andy and Meredith warn the latest victim, Eva Garrett, in time? Or will Eva fall prey to Ian’s cunning spirit…and become his latest casualty?

The Giveaway

The winner will receive a paperback copy of Burning Suspicion courtesy of the author. This giveaway is open to US addresses only. Enter through the Rafflecopter link below:

The giveaway will run through September 15, 2016 and the winner will be announced on September 16.

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