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Pineapple Wednesday–Things Hidden in My Stories!


It’s Pineapple Wednesday! I hide pineapples in my stories (most authors label these Easter eggs–me calling it a pineapple is a hat tip to the TV show #Psych). So here’s one for y’all from A LADY IN DEFIANCE:


He sighed like a man accepting his fate. Defiance had to be tamed. If he wanted the railroad to come in, he was going to have to get on with it. He heard the front doors squeak and looked up. His office afforded a view of the entire length of the bar and he straightened attentively as a pretty little blonde entered and removed her bonnet. Hands clenched tensely at her waist, her eyes were glued to the nude painting over the bar.

The pineapple: In the movie The Harvey Girls, there is a nude statue at the base of the stairs people keep throwing clothes over. My painting is a hat tip to that prop.

If you read something in one of my stories and you’re curious as to whether it might be a pineapple, shoot me an email and I’ll answer you!!

Oh, and you might consider grabbing a copy of A Lady in Defiance if you’ve never read it.

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