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How to Flick a Bully’s Ear

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“My Dad is quite a good storyteller. Naturally, our family has heard many narratives about his youth. One that I like, is the one about “Dad flicking the bully’s ear.”

When Dad was a Freshman in college, he came home for the weekend to meet a friend at the Germantown Charity Horse Show. A neighborhood bully was stationed near one of the entrances, determined to verbally torment every passerby. While Dad was waiting for his friend, he had been watching this go on for some time. With the help of his sidekicks, the bully made snide remarks without any apprehension.

 Without hesitation, the bully sneered at Dad as he passed, and made a quick jab about his appearance. Dad reportedly fails to remember what this comment was exactly, but he confronted the bully about it. “Excuse me?” said Dad. With increased enthusiasm, the bully repeated his harassment, but what he didn’t know was that Dad had just come from teaching a martial arts class. He was working on earning his black belt. Dad thought about what to do for a moment, and then with a quick step closer and a high side-kick, Dad flicked the bully’s ear with just his big toe.

The bully was so shocked that someone had done something about his behavior. Dad wasn’t looking for a fight, he just wanted to send a message. The message had gotten through, and the bully’s demeanor turned 180 degrees. He laughed nervously and told Dad about he took Karate as well. Dad didn’t witness any more bullying at the event.

Dad is so proud of this story, when he tells it, he usually acts it out with his kicking motions and sound effects. 🙂

~Erin Burks

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