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Chapter 6 — Part 2: The Sexual Tension Between Charles and Naomi is Just Getting Started

A Lady in Defiance Book One By Heather Frey Blanton Copyright 2012 Heather Blanton


McIntyre considered how Naomi spoke down to him, as if he were an annoying flea, but once they were passed this paperwork, he was quite sure he could win her over. Granted, she was probably the kind of woman who could hold a grudge for a month of Sundays, but his magnetism, money and power were relentless persuaders. He had charmed feistier women onto their backs and this arrogant, self-righteous little belle would be no different. [I HAD SO MUCH FUN WRITING NAOMI AND MCINTYRE. THEY TRULY DISLIKE EACH OTHER, BUT ISN’T THAT THE AMAZING THING ABOUT LOVE? THAT IT SEES PAST OUR FALSE FRONTS?]

On the way back to the hotel, McIntyre made a few more polite attempts to settle their little misunderstanding, but Naomi was having none of it. A stubborn woman, he knew she saw this as an excuse to keep him at arm’s length. He thought about reminding her of her Christian duty to forgive trespasses, but decided to stay away from that subject matter. [BECAUSE HE KNEW HE COULDN’T WIN ANY ARGUMENTS THERE AND HE DIDN’T WANT TO FACE HIS SPIRITUALITY, OR LACK THERE OF, ANYWAY.] Finally, at the door, he made one more attempt at putting them on some kind of speaking terms. In his experience with Naomi thus far, there was only one thing that got her talking…anger.

“Look, Your Ladyship, there’s no reason to be upset with me. This mix-up was not intentional. You assumed the land was part of the deal. I assumed you knew what you were doing.”

“My name is not Your Ladyship!” She snapped. “Or Princess. It’s Naomi.” She shook her head for correction. “I mean Mrs. Miller to you. And you were the one who knew exactly what you were doing. But that was the first and last time you will take advantage of us, Mr. McIntyre.” Naomi pointed an accusing finger at him for emphasis as her temper flared. “You’re a scoundrel and a snake. I won’t make the mistake of trusting you again.”

He couldn’t help but grin. “Now you’re getting it. That’s the only way to do business in Defiance, much less with me.”

Naomi looked stunned. Rolling her eyes and collecting her thoughts, she grabbed the doorknob and spoke without looking at him. “I see. Now, for the next few days at least, could you leave us alone to settle in?”

He understood the reasons for her request and decided to offer some mercy. He had other enterprises that certainly needed his attention as well. Needling this little princess wasn’t making him any money, even if it was grand entertainment. Emilio and Ian could keep him apprised of things here.

“As you wish, Mrs. Miller.” He tipped his hat and started off for the Iron Horse, but stopped abruptly. “Oh, by the way…” He waited for Naomi to look at him. “I’ve left you and your sisters a gift upstairs.” He flashed his most winning, most rakish smile at her. “Perhaps you’ll think of me when you use it.” [THE LEVEL OF HIS ARROGANCE IS CERTAINLY ENDEARING. HE SO ENJOYS SHOCKING HER OUT OF HER COMFORT ZONE.]

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